Why do I care so much about experience marketing?

In my younger years, I had the ability to take the stuff from my moms drawers and put it on a window shell, selling used goods to my friends. It was one of the most thrilling and exciting childhood summer occasions, not only because I got some spending money out of it, but because I genuinely believed I made everyone happy. My mom got rid of the things she did not used anymore, my friends got a great bargain, I got some “free” ice cream and the whole thing was wrapped into stories. Explaining why something is good for someone and why are we giving it away, expanded my circles of customers, or I would called them re-users, who visited my window store. It is funny, but selling stuff without considering both parties happy, was never a thrill for me. It needed a value, a storyline a discussion an understanding, a happy seller and a happy customer.

As an only child, who needed to learn how to entertain itself, I tend to create my own worlds. Having a vivid imagination created by books, music and movies, I started to imagine scenarios where everything I experience should be put into practice. I was drown to the creative world, but lacking the talent (believe me, I tried) of creating something, I went back to the thing I believed I knew the most, selling the creativity. It started in college, where I was trying to sell the experience, by promoting cultural activities. It made people (customer) happy, but it felt more empty, more like a chore than accomplishment, for the organizers. For years I was trying to manage promising musicians, festivals and cultural establishments. That was something both parties were happy about, the seller (bands) and the customer (organizers), but it felt short for me, since it could not buy me a decent “ice cream”. Every story did not had the proper childhood scenario and I wondered for years on how to come back to that feeling of all roundness, the place where the circle is complete.

In my recent years, something clicked. There were projects and stories where everyone knew how to create that circle or were in a search of making it happen. I’ve seen it in various fields of work, let it be business, entertainmenttourism or people if I tag just a few inspirational ones, who created some magic. No matter the field, I started to research the general outcome and come to the word I think describes it best – experimental marketing.

While more and more pressure and focus is put to online behavior of the Impatient consumer, I believe true value lies in finding unique connection between the customer and the seller. The things that may divide you (to niche of a market, or to small of an audience or not to known destination or product…) can with a help of experience marketing be your greatest asset. Finding uniqueness in masses, connection with the brand, environment, philosophy behind the story and understanding that impatience grows, but people tend to take time when they find honesty they could connect to is what experience marketing is all about.

So why do I love it? Because you need to do a research, be open, honest and vulnerable. Dare to try even the most impossible ideas, creating concepts that people will remember you by. Because every one of us, is just a little kid who wants to find their sparkles and we had enough of stories of what you should do and how to behave. If you love working with people, for people, you will never stop searching what makes them feel happy. Product will never create that feeling. Experience will do that.

About the author: Mateja Koren

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